R (Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd) v The Gambling Commission - Case Summary

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Legal Case Summary

Summary: Legal Case Summary: Camelot challenges Gambling Commission's decision to let Health Lottery operate within existing legal framework


Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd filed an application for judicial review of the Gambling Commission's decision to grant a gambling license to the Health Lottery.

The Health Lottery was a scheme that pooled the proceeds of local lotteries. The application maintained that the Commission had misinterpreted s.99(3) of the Gambling Act 2005.


The key issue was the interpretation of s.99(3) of the Gambling Act 2005.

The applicant argued that the Gambling Commission had breached its duty to ensure that lotteries were conducted in a manner ensuring proceeds were used for appropriate charitable purpose.


This decision clarified the scope of the Gambling Act 2005 and confirmed the boundary of the Gambling Commission's interpretative authority. The court upheld administrative law principles, refusing to interfere in moderate instances of alleged misinterpretation. The case highlighted complexities within gambling regulations and underlined the need for clear legislative guidance.


The Judgment

The High Court dismissed Camelot's application. Mr Justice Green ruled that the Gambling Commission was entitled to interpret the law as it had and found no public law error in their decision.


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Journalist Brief

The High Court dismissed Camelot's bid to declare the Gambling Commission's decision unlawful. The lottery operator claimed the Commission enabled the Health Lottery to operate as a national lottery outside the legal framework. The Judge upheld the right of the Gambling Commission to interpret the law as it did, providing important clarification surrounding the Gambling Act 2005.


Who were the parties involved in the case?

Answer: The parties involved were Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd and the Gambling Commission.

What was the key issue in the case?

Answer: The key issue was whether the Gambling Commission had misinterpreted s.99(3) of the Gambling Act 2005 in granting a license to the Health Lottery.

What was the outcome of the case?

Answer: The High Court dismissed Camelot's application, endorsing the Gambling Commission's interpretation of the Gambling Act 2005.

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