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Comparative/Conflict of Laws Experts

We currently have 14 writers qualified in the area of Comparative/Conflict of Laws. You can see the academic level of work that each writer is qualified to write, in the table below:

Writer ID Qualification Level
145Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
1056Masters (PGD) Pass (50-59%)
21465MPhil Pass
22661MPhil Pass
23890Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
25143Undergraduate 1st (70-74%)
25875Masters (PGD) Distinction (70%+)
26261Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
26304Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
26327Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
26997Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
27065Masters (PGD) Pass (50-59%)
27480Masters (PGD) Merit (60-69%)
28436Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
28941Undergraduate 2:2 (50-59%)
29181Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29190Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)
29250Undergraduate 2:1 (60-69%)

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