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Welcome to Lawnix. This site hosts information for law students and attorneys including case briefs, law school course outlines, and other valuable resources for education and research.

Case Briefs

All of the case briefs available in our online library were written specifically by and for Lawnix and are not available elsewhere.

Contracts - Lawnix provides state and federal law case briefs and articles covering a wide variety of doctrines including promissory estoppel, consideration, the statute of frauds, and parol evidence.

Constitutional Law – United States Supreme Court cases that define the scope of civil rights, governmental authority, and international law are central to the education of every student enrolled in the first year of law school. Cases presenting issues arising under the Commerce Clause help shape the balance between state and federal power.

Civil Procedure – A thorough knowledge of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the case law that defines the power of the courts is of the utmost importance to every lawyer, particularly those who wish to practice in litigation. The course covers important subject matter including personal jurisdiction, summary judgment, and constitutional rights including due process.

Property – Many students find property to be among the most challenging 1L subjects. Case briefs addressing a number of important doctrines including takings, First Amendment and other fundamental constitutional rights, and the rule of perpetuities are available.

Law School Outlines

We have a very large collection of course outlines and other study aids to upload. If you'd like an outline for a specific course, send us an email with the name of the course, law school or university, and professor.

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