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Featured Constitutional Law Case Briefs

Plessy v. Ferguson – after attempting to sit in a railroad car for white passengers, Plessy was convicted for violating a Louisiana law providing for “separate but equal” accommodations. The Supreme Court held that the state law requiring that persons of different races use segregated facilities was valid.

The groundbreaking case Marbury v. Madison was instrumental in defining the scope of the Court’s power. The Court held that the judiciary has the power to interpret the law, to resolve conflicts between laws, and to nullify legislation that is inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States.

In United States v. Lopez, Congress passed a law banning firearms in school zones. The Supreme Court held that Congress did not have the power to enact the legislation under the Commerce Clause. It held that carrying firearms in school zones had nothing to do with commerce and Congress did not have the power to prohibit the activity.

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